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The Genesee River in the Finger Lakes


Part 1-Location and Physical Features

Part 2-Fillmore (Allegany County) to the Mt. Morris Dams (Livingston County)

Part 4-Black Creek to Genesee Valley Park

Part 5-Genesee Valley Park to Lake Ontario


This is a peaceful stretch of the river that takes you closer to Rochester but not so close that you feel the pressure of civilization.


Unlike with the section through Letchworth State Park and the section through Rochester where much of the riverbank area is open to the public, most of the riverbank area in this section is privately owned and closed to the public.


The river flows through Mt. Morris, Geneseo, and Avon in Livingston County and Scottsville in Monroe County. Mt. Morris and Avon are pleasant rural towns with limited amenities. Mt. Morris is known for its proximity to Letchworth State Park and the Mt. Morris dam as well as for being the birthplace of Francis Bellamy, the author of the "Pledge of Allegiance," (to the American flag). Avon is known as a place to find interesting antiques. Geneseo, home of a branch of the State University of New York, is a small, rural college town. Scottsville is a "town on the edge," a distant suburb of Rochester with many new homes and a changing identity.


Note: All of the following launch sites are hand launch only. Motorboating is not possible on this section of the river. D=Designated boat launch.

State Route 36 bridge-Village of Mt. Morris

Turn into the small shopping center at the northeast corner of the bridge-road intersection and park close to the grass and bushes along the top of the river bank. There is a place to enter to go down to the river right there, but don't use it because it is very steep and rocky. Go further north along the top of the bank about 25 ft./7.6 m. There will be another path in between the bushes that isn't as steep or as rocky. It will take you right to the water. No amenities.


A trailhead for the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail is just to the west of the river on State Route 36 across from the north entrance to Letchworth State Park.


Jones Road Bridge

This site is midway between Mt. Morris and Geneseo. You can access this site from the west only as there is no Jones Road bridge any more. Take State Route 36 or River Road to Jones Road. Turn east and go to the end of the road. Park at the "Dead End" sign. (If you don't, you'll soon be in the river.) Short but steep stairs to the shore. No amenities. 


Routes 20A & 39 Bridge-South of Geneseo

Of the four corners created by the intersection of the bridge and the river, there is only one house--on the southwest corner. Pull off onto the grass in front of the house and follow the path through the grass to where you can unload your vehicle under the bridge. Park your vehicle in the parking area on the southeast corner. No amenities.


Fowlerville Road Bridge-Fowlerville

Pull into the dirt drive on the southwest corner of the intersection of the bridge and the river. Directly in front of you will be the Genesee Valley Greenway trail. Turn immediately to the east, and drive down the path to the edge of the top of the river bank. Slope of medium difficulty through some poison ivy to the water. No amenities.


Routes 5 & 20 Bridge-Avon (D)

Just west of the village on the south side of the road. Concrete walk to stone steps to dirt bank to water. (Approximately 100 ft./30.5 m. total portage.) Parking for 13 vehicles. No amenities.


State Route 251 Bridge-Industry (D)

Just west of the hamlet near the Wheatland town line. Concrete stairs. No amenities. Parking for 7 vehicles.


State Route 253 Bridge-Scottsville (D)

Just south of the Riverton Golf Club (514 Erie Station Rd., West Henrietta, NY 14586) on the north side of the road. Concrete and wood steps to short steep bank. Parking for 12 vehicles. No amenities.

Whitewater Classification

There is no whitewater classification for this section of the river.

Water Level

Streamflow Conditions


There are many opportunities to enjoy wildlife along this section of the river. The river is quiet and lined with trees and shrubs. You will see a variety of mammals--both large and small--from time to time. Birds will be easier to see, especially if you bring binoculars. Watch for woodpeckers, green and great blue herons, warblers, vireos, thrushes, hawks, and turkey vultures.


Biking is very popular in this region, especially around Geneseo. All of the state highways have paved shoulders and are great for riding. (Make sure you ride in the direction of traffic.) You will find bike riders even on the more rural roads as they often have less traffic, however, they usually don't have shoulders. The terrain is either flat farmland or rolling wooded residential. Make sure you wear a helmet when riding on the roads.

The Genesee Valley Greenway

The Genesee Valley Greenway runs through this entire area, though it doesn't run along the river. The trail is mowed grass, usually through shrubby woods. It is appropriate for hybrid bikes and hikers of any level. There are generally no amenities except in the towns, so you may want to bring food and drink. Keep in mind that, even in the summer, the nights can be cool and dew will collect on the grass overnight, making it wet in the morning. Hats are another good thing to bring. You shouldn't have too much trouble with bugs, though there are some nice butterflies along the trail, especially in late summer.


Of course, in the winter, the Greenway is excellent for cross-county skiing and snowshoeing. The region gets plenty of snow, enough to cover the trail completely and provide a good base.


Horseback riding on the trail is permitted all year long.


Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

Sonyea State Forest

Nearby Places of Interest

5 Arch Bridge (State Route 39, just south of Avon) photo

Abbey of the Genesee

Linwood Gardens



There are no B&Bs on the river, however, there are many B&Bs in the area.


There are no inns on the river, however, there are several fine inns in the area.


There are no campgrounds on the river, however, there are a number of campgrounds in the area.


There are many hotels and motels in the area but none on the river.


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