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Architecture in the Finger Lakes

Because the Finger Lakes was settled in the early 1800s, all structures have been built since that time. In addition, because the region was endowed with vaste forests, most houses were, and still are built of wood, rather than stone or brick. The idea of houses in the Finger Lakes lasting for centuries is uncommon, though there are a small number of houses in the region that are older than 150 years.


Organizations have been established in some of the cities in the Finger Lakes to work to preserve historic buildings. Most of these organizations work to restore the structure rather than work to own the structure. You can find historic structures by searching the Internet for historic buildings in a particular location.


An excellent overview of the architectural styles that can be found throughout the Finger Lakes with photographic examples is provided by the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.


There are two styles of architecture in the Finger Lakes that are more noteworthy than others. These styles are:



I. M. Pei


Updated 9 July 2013






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