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Octagon Architecture in the Finger Lakes

There are approximately 1,000 octagon structures in the United States with New York State leading all others with about 180. Onondaga County is way ahead of all the other counties in the Finger Lakes with a recorded 14.


Octagon structures, whether they are houses or schoolhouses, seem to have been more of a fad than a long-term architectural style as few are being built today. They do have some advantages over four-sided structures. First, having more sides and, consequently, more windows facing more directions, they tend to have better air circulation and are cooler in the summer. Second, they are known for retaining their warmth in the winter.


New York State's octagon structures are listed on http://www.octagon.bobanna.com/, which has photos of a number of these structures. Many of the octagon structures listed on this Web site are schoolhouses or homes of historical societies and are open to the public at certain times of the year. You can also find mention of some of the octagon structures in the Finger Lakes by searching this Web site using the key word "octagon."


Although many octagon structures have been lost over time, many still exist, and at least one has just been built. It's a beautiful house on a lovely rural road called Marshland Road in the Town of Owego in Tioga County. Why not take a drive and see it for yourself.


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Updated 9 July 2013








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