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Birding Sites in the Finger Lakes


Park Station Recreation Center

Beaver Pond Rd.

Erin, NY 14838

Coordinates: 42.21841°N 76.67391°W



The lake at Park Station Recreation Center in Erin, New York.


Habatat: Park Station has a variety of habitats, which is what makes it so nice; you are unlikely to go away empty handed. It has a large woods with trails, a 100-acre lake, an area of open Marsh grass at the north end of Park Station Lake.field that is not mowed during the summer, and a thoughtful planting of mature native trees and shrubs along one side of the lake. This area is loaded with birds like cardinals, catbirds, song sparrows, and other shrub-loving birds during breeding season and cedar waxwings, evening grosbeaks, and others in the autumn and winter.


Season: Park Station can be rewarding at any season. In the winter, the lake freezes over, but you should be able to find, owls, hawks, black-capped chickadees, blue jays, crows, titmice, nuthatches, brown creepers, kinglets, woodpeckers, ravens, and other winter residents in the woods. Some winters you may also see evening grosbeaks, pine siskins, and perhaps, crossbills.


The rest of the year, besides those mentioned above, you are likely to see, either as migrants or breeding birds, horned grebes, A paved trail next to the lake bordered by native shrubs.Canada geese, mallards, American widgeons, long-tailed ducks, Bonaparte's gulls and other more common gulls, rose-breasted grosbeaks, cardinals, catbirds, bobolink, red-winged blackbirds, cedar waxwings, various warblers, vireos, thrushes, sparrows, and perhaps woodcocks.


Both the red-throated and common loon and surf, black, and white-winged scoters have been seen on the lake on rare occasions during migration.


Access: For detailed information about the lake and access to the recreation center, click here.


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Created 15 September 2010








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