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Coordinates: 42.78785°N 76.14993°W

Elevation: 1156 feet/352.3 meters


Crooked Lake

Note: This lake is surrounding by houses. There is, at this time, no public access to the lake.


Crooked Lake is located in the southern part of the Town of Tully in Onondaga County just north of the Cortland County line. It is surrounded by Gatehouse, Long, and Lake roads. Crooked Lake should not be confused with Keuka Lake in Yates County, which was historically known as Crooked Lake and is sometimes referred to as such by local people even today.

Physical Features

Crooked Lake is 108 acres in size with an maximum depth of of 70 ft./21.3 m. It is one of the Tully Lakes, a group of six lakes (along with Tully, Tracy, Mud, Green, and Song) called kettles because they were formed when large chunks of glacial ice melted and left a depression. The Tully Lakes are at the southern end of the Tully Valley and the northern end of the Tioughnioga Valley. The two valleys are divided by the St. Lawrence Seaway Divide, which causes Tracy and Mud to drain to the north into Lake Ontario and Song, Green, and Tully to drain to the south into the Susquehanna River. Crooked Lake is unique because it is the only lake of the six that drains in both directions as the divide runs right under the lake. This means that the lake is also in both valleys.


Quite often kettles are perfectly round. Tracy Lake is a good example of this. Other times, kettles can be extremely irregular in shape. Crooked Lake is a good example of this as it winds in and out with many coves and several small islands.


Boating on the lake can be peaceful and rewarding as the lake has many inlets to explore. Unfortunately, since all of the shoreline is private, there is no way to get out and investigate vegetation and wildlife along the shore. Kayaking, canoeing, and electric motors are permitted. Gasoline motors are not.


The water of Crooked Lake is relatively clean as are all of the Tully Lakes. Locals swim in all of these lakes.


There are no off-road bike trails around the lake, however, all the roads in the vicinity of the lake are interesting to bike. State routes 41 and 281 as well as U.S. 11 have paved shoulders and all of the county and most of the town roads are paved but don't have shoulders. A helmet is recommended.


Hiking is available on several trails in the Svend O. Heiberg Memorial Forest owned by the State University of New York's Environmental Science and Forestry School. The forest is located south of the Village of Tully in the Town of Preble in Cortland County and is open to the public for day use only. Notice to Visitors

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Watch for green and great blue herons, kingfishers, Canada geese, mallards and other ducks, beavers, frogs, turtles, raccoons, and deer. You might also see the northern water snake, which is brown and about 3 ft./1 m. long. This is a non-venomous snake that tries hard to mind its own business.


With access to the lake being limited, photographing the lake, except by air, can be hard to do. A nice view of the lake can be had from a high point on Song Mountain when the trees are not in leaf. Otherwise, you will need to ask permission to access the lake.

Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

Dog Hollow State Forest

Donahue Woods State Forest

Highland Forest Park

Kettlebail State Forest (Located on Kettlebail Road in the Town of Truxton in Cortland County)

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Morgan Hill State Forest

Nearby Places of Interest (a partial list)

Beak & Skiff Apple Farm Winery 

Cortland Repertory Theatre

Frog Pond Farm Folk Art Gallery

Labrador Mountain

Little York Plantation

Song Mountain Resort

Toggenburg Mountain

Tully Area Historical Society


Because the area is relatively rural, there are no bed and breakfasts or campgrounds in the area. A number of the cottages and houses on the lake are available for rent. Check the links below.


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