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Song Lake

Coordinates: 42.769°N 76.147°W

Elevation: 1156 feet/352.3 meters


Song Lake in the Finger Lakes, New York (USA) is a small glacial lake south of the city of Syracuse.

Song Lake is one of a number of small glacial lakes in the Tully Valley south of Syracuse the water of which drains south into the Tioughnioga River. About 114 acres in size, Song Lake is located in the Town of Preble in Cortland County. A fairly shallow lake, it is 30 ft./9.1 m. deep at its deepest point. The lake water is relatively clean, and local residents claim it's drinkable.


As sometimes happens, the lake is privately owned by the Song Lake Association, which does not permit access to the lake. The Association has stocked the lake with 600 sterile grass carp in a misguided attempt to eliminate the growth of native vegetation that would normally grow along the shore. The lack of these "weeds," as the local residents call them, means that the lake lacks many of the native species of mammals--muskrats, beavers, and the like--and birds--herons, bitterns, marsh wrens--that one would normally find in a more natural lake of this size.


Camp Hoover, a a 90-acre compound on the eastern shore of the lake, as well as a tiny island in the lake called Girl Scout Island, are owned by the Girl Scout Council of Central New York. I suggest you contact them directly if you would like access to the lake.








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