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Two Rivers State Park Recreation Area

c/o Robert Treman State Park

105 Enfield Falls Rd.

Ithaca, NY 14850


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The southern pond at Two Rivers State Park in Waverly, New York is great for exploring with a kayak.


The Finger Lakes's newest (and as yet undeveloped) state park, Two Rivers is located on a plateau overlooking the confluence of the Chemung andA pond near the park office looks out over the Pennsylvania hills at Two Rivers State Park in Waverly, New York, USA. Susquehanna rivers in Waverly, New York just north of the Pennsylvania border. The 553-acre property is on the Chemung-Tioga county lines surrounded by West Pine Street and Banzhoff and Walker Hill roads on the west, north, and east respectively, and Glen Park and Glenwood Cemetery, both on Moore Street, to the south.


Access can be made from an opening, with parking lot and toilets, on Banzhoff Road, from either Glen Park or Glenwood Cemetery, or from the one-story house at the end of Greenridge Drive off Walker Hill Road. (This house is scheduled to become the park's office.)


The northern end of the park was, until recently, private property, and the southern end was owned by the Village of Waverly and includes the Waverly Reservoir. You can still see large water tanks on the property next to two ponds. (Signs are conflicting. Ignore any "no trespassing" signs, indicating that the property is private. The boundary of the park is clearly marked with state park signs.)


The northern part of the park, the part that was privately owned, was farmed at one time and is now regenerating. Unmarked trails lead through mixed woods,To the east of the ponds at Two Rivers State Park in Waverly, New York, you will find an amazing collection of native plants, including pink lady's-slippers, Canada mayflower, partridgeberry, and blueberry. scrub, and grassy field to the house on a plateau overlooking the village of Waverly into Pennsylvania. In the spring, native dogwoods are in bloom in the woods and all around the edge of the field.


In the southern part of the park, the northern pond flows into the larger southern pond, which flows over Glen Falls in the northern part of Glen Park, a pleasant seasonal village park with playgrounds, tennis courts, pavilions with picnic tables, toilets, and a lovely waterfall.


To the east of the ponds is a mixed woods with spruce, hemlock, white pine, scots pine, dogwood, oaks, and a variety of other tree species. Underneath the trees are blueberry and pinkster azalea as well as an amazing variety of native wildflowers--perhaps the best selection of wildflowers in the entire region.

The trail on the east side of the ponds is idea for a short but interesting walk in Two Rivers State Park in Waverly, New York, USA.

Recreational Activites

Because of its unusual and fragile habitat, Two Rivers will provide limited recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, birding, photography, and picnicking. Late-April to mid-May will provide migrating warblers and thrushes and uncommon wildflowers. Please stay on the trails. The picking and digging up of wildflowers is strictly illegal. Dogs must be leashed at all times.


553 acres, no camping at this time


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