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Lodi Point State Marine Park

c/o Sampson State Park

6096 State Route 96A

Romulus, NY 14541


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The marina at Lodi Point State Marine Park is ideal for launching small craft, kayaks, and canoes.


Off County Road 136 about 5 mi./8 km. west of the Village of Lodi, Lodi Point State Marine Park is a small, quiet park with one of the most beautiful natural beaches of all the state parks in the Finger Lakes.

The Beach

Typical of points in the Finger Lakes, Lodi Point is shaped like a comma. The beach is clean and covered with small to medium-sized flat stones in a variety of colors, great for stone skipping. If you look carefully, you will find an occasional stone with a hole in it. These are naturally occuring holes that the local Indians thought brought good luck.


Elsewhere on the beach you will find shells, gull feathers, driftwood, and bits of colored glass.

The beach at Lodi Point State Marine Park is covered with stones of many shapes and colors as well as shells and other interesting debris.

Here, the water along the beach is so clear, it almost seems to disappear. In the early morning, the water can be calm and deep blue. From the point, you can see for miles in both a northerly and southerly direction. 

The beach at Lodi point State marine Park in the morning when the water is calm, clear, and deep blue.


The park is small and has limited space for wildlife, but birds can be found year round. During the breeding season look for warbling vireos, chipping sparrows, and American robins in the trees and on the ground. During migration look for several species of gulls and a variety of shorebirds on the beach and geese and ducks, and perhaps a loon or two, in the water.

Lodi Point State Marine Park has a new and enlarged playground that can accommodate large groups for events like birthday parties.


Lodi Point State Marine Park has a marina with a hard surface ramp. A rustic picnic pavilion looks out over the lake. A new and enlarged playground provides fun for the kids. The parking lot can accommodate 68 vehicles. Open year round. Pets must be leashed.

This picnic pavilion at Lodi Point State Marine Park can be reserved for large groups of about 40 people. Key to Services



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E-CabinsThis stone was found on the beach at Lodi Point State marine Park. The hole is about the size of a pencil. Local Indians thought these stones would bring good luck.

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