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Dean's Cove State Marine Park


2678 Lower Lake Rd.

Seneca Falls, NY 13148


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The cove at Dean's Cove State Marine Park and its two boat launch ramps into Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes, New York, USA.


The park is located in Seneca County on State Route 89 just north of Vineyard/Marsh Corner roads near the Romulus-Varick town line.


Dean's Cove is located on the site of Swah-Ya-Wa-Nah, an Indian village destroyed on 22 September 1779 by General John Sullivan's army as part of a successful attempt to remove the various Indian tribes from the Finger Lakes region because of their alliance with the British during the American Revolutionary War.


The park is designed specifically to provide boaters with access to Cayuga Lake. The cove itself is constructed of two semi-circles of large granite boulders that provides calm water in which to launch boats, kayaks, and canoes. The launch area has a paved road to two concrete ramps, each with its own pier for short-term docking. To the immediate south of the launch area is an unpaved road to a stoney beach along the lake shore where some may prefer to launch kayaks or canoes. All cars, trucks, and trailers must be parked in the lot on a rise above the launch area. Parking is available for 48 vehicles. There are no other facilities other than toilets.

The stoney shore (middle right) is another place to launch a kayak or canoe. The water in this part of the lake is generally calm, making for good paddling. 

The boat launch is the principal purpose of the park, but the rest of the land around the boat launch is also open to the public. This land has been allowed to grow wild and, although there are no specific trails here, exploring and birding can be rewarding. Hick's Gully is just to the north of the boat launch with a small but pleasant creek that flows into the lake. On the south side of the launch is another, even smaller, creek. Both areas have many large, tall trees, including tulip poplar, cherry, ash, aspen, sycamore, and hickory with an understory of mixed native and non-native bushes and perennials. Small mammals and reptiles and amphibians can be found here as well as many birds, including, blue jays, catbirds, phoebes, a variety of warblers, red-bellied and other woodpeckers, common grackles, tanagers, kingbirds, and common crows. An early-morning walk near the cove may produce feeding mallards and great blue herons as well as snakes sunning on the boulders.


Because there are no specific trails and because poison ivy climbs up and on the ground around some of the trees, birders may want to wear pants, rather than shorts, and hiking boots.


Open year round. Pets must be leashed.


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J-Empire Passport AcceptedThe stoney bottom of Cayuga Lake shows through the Lake's clear water around Dean's Cove.





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Updated 23 May 2009








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