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Conesus Lake State Park

c/o 1 Letchworth State Park

Castile, NY 14427


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Conesus Lake State Park is a small facility that offers boat launching and picnicking only. Enter here and curve around in a counterclockwise direction so that you are lined up to back into the water.


The park is located mid-way between the northern and southern ends of Conesus Lake on East Lake Road in the Town of Livonia. The sole entrance to the park is immediately south of McPherson Road. This is a gated entrance and is open only at certain times of the day and at certain times of the year. It is best to call to make sure it will be open when you want to use it.

Description of the Park

There is no map of this park. Here is a description:


The park is situated between two houses. It has a short driveway that slopes down into a large gravel parking lot. You are directed by a sign to turn to the right around parked vehicles. You will pass bathrooms on the right. Nine picnic tables are scattered behind the bathrooms in a shaded, grassy area. As you curve around to the left you will pass the ticket booth on your right followed by the launch area. Turn once more to the left and stop. You've just made a counter-clockwise circle and should now be lined up to back down the launch ramp.


Conesus Lake is a source of drinking water. It is illegal to dump waste into the lake.


This park provides boat launching and picnicking facilities only. The concrete launch ramp can accommodate at least two boats at one time--one on each pier. (The right side of the ramp--as you look at the lake--is designated for launching, the left side is designated for loading. This is fairly standard practice throughout the Finger Lakes.) The ramp is suitable only for canoes, kayaks, and small motorboats and sailboats. Larger boats should use one of the private marinas on the lake. There are no docking facilities except tying up at the pier for a few minutes.


After Labor Day (early September) the pontoon piers are removed, however, the launch ramp is still available for use and there is no fee.


The parking lot can accommodate 45 vehicles. Overflow usually goes on the grass. Pets must be leashed.

About Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake is one of the smaller Finger Lakes. It is only 8 mi./12.8 km. long. Because it is used as a source of drinking water, it is illegal to discharge waste into the lake from a boat. Besides this boat launch, bathroom facilities are available at Vitale Park at the northern end of the lake and at Long Point Park on the west side of the lake directly across the lake from this facility. 

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