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National Natural Landmarks in the Finger Lakes

"The National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes and encourages the conservation of outstanding examples of our country's natural history. It is the only natural areas program of national scope that identifies and recognizes the best examples of biological and geological features in both public and private ownership. National Natural Landmarks (NNLs) are designated by the Secretary of the Interior, with the owner's concurrence. To date, fewer than 600 sites have been designated. The National Park Service administers the NNL Program, and if requested, assists NNL owners and managers with the conservation of these important sites." (NNL Web site)


There are eight sites in the Finger Lakes designated as National Natural Landmarks.

Bergen Swamp

See also: Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

Fall Brook Gorge

See also: Waymark

Hart's Woods

McLean Bogs

See also: Cornell Plantations

Mendon Ponds Park

See also: Mendon Ponds Park map Waymark

Montezuma Marshes

See also: Friends of the Montezuma Wetland Complex

Round Lake

See also: Green Lakes State Park Waymark

Zurich Bog

See also: Bergen Swamp Preservation Society


Updated 4 August 2011








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