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Birding Sites in the Finger Lakes


Olga Fleisher Ornithological Foundation, Inc.

The foundation operates two wetlands in Wayne County.

Huckleberry Swamp

Coordinates: 43.16701°N 76.94885°W



Huckleberry Swamp in the Town of Rose, New York, USA.


Habitat: The swamp consists of 79 acres of diverse, high quality wetlands. A intricate helical boardwalk allows visitors to view a wide variety of wetland birds as well as many amphibians and odonatas without getting wet. There is also woods with hemlock, beech, oak, and maple with an understory of ferns and native plants. Interesting fungi in late summer and early autumn.


Season: Spring with its many migrating birds and mating amphibians is best. Leaves will not be on the trees, so migrating One of the many dragonflies that can be seen at the swamp.warblers can also be seen more easily. But summer and autumn will not disappoint. Also to be seen are sparrows, woodpeckers, chickadees, blue jays, nuthatches, catbirds, vireos, pew wees, and woodland hawks.


Access: The swamp is located between Garlic and Brick Schoolhouse roads in the Town of Rose. Access is on the south side of Catchpole Rd. marked by a large green sign.


Trail map


Town of Huron Swamp

Coordinates: 43.22349°N 76.88093°W



This unnamed swamp is 75 acres and plays host to great blue herons, bitterns, and other wetland species as well as a number scrub and woodland dwellers like the state bird--the eastern bluebird.


Begin by walking under or around the metal bar (to prevent motorized vehicles). Stay to the left and walk around the edge of the wooded area. (This path may be mowed but is unmarked as a trail). This path creates a loop of about .2 mi./.3 km. that takes you back to the parking area.


Next, walk along the edge of Fifth Rd. to St. Rt. 104, bear left along the vegetation. You will come to an opening where you can view the swamp, but there is no observation platform.


Season: Both this swamp and Huckleberry Swamp are near Lake Ontario and Sodus Bay. What you see can be heavily dependent on the direction of the wind. In the spring, many birds will stop here to wait for a wind heading north. In late summer and autumn, birds will stop here after their long flight over Lake Ontario.


Access: The swamp is located in the Town of Huron at the intersection of Fifth Rd. and State Rt. 104. Look for the small parking area (marked with a discrete sign) off Fifth Rd.


Nearby birding sites: Lake Shore Marshes Wildlife Management Area


Updated 7 April 2012








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