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Birding Sites in the Finger Lakes


Edwards Lake Cliff Preserve

Coordinates: 42.522°N  76.509°W



The Edwards Lake Cliff Preserve in Lansing, New York is a little-frequented but valuable and interesting birding site. It was well described by Mark Chao in the October 2004 Cayuga Bird Club newsletter. As of this writing, Mark reports that golden-winged and hybrid warblers have not been seen in recent years but blue-winged warblers have. Worm-eating warblers were reported at the preserve one year, but I don't believe they stayed long enough to breed.


As Mark points out, this is a very shrubby area, so it's best to stay on the paths unless you have a GPS. Waterproof footwear, as Mark mentions, is wise unless it's a very dry year.


Get on the section of State Route 34 in Lansing called East Shore Drive. Turn west onto East Shore Circle. (East Shore Circle loops around and intersects with East Shore Drive twice. I recommend Cornell (University) Plantations sign at the entrance to the Edwards Lake Cliff Preserve in Lansing, New York.you try to enter using the northern intersection rather than the southern, but it doesn't really matter which entrance you use.) If you enter using the southern intersection, continue straight until you intersect with Teeter Road and turn left. If you enter using the northern intersection, bear right at the Y onto Teeter Road. (These are short distances of less than .5 mi./.8 km., so you shouldn't get lost.) Teeter Road goes downhill. Take this slowly and enjoy the fantastic view of Cayuga Lake. Continue straight until the road ends. Park there. You should see this sign (right). Enter on the mowed path behind the sign.


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4 September 2008








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