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Birding Sites in the Finger Lakes


Dryden Lake

Coordinates: 42.462°N 76.272°W


Dryden Lakes's viewing platform, just off the southern parking area, is wheelchair accessible and ideal for setting up a spotting scope or camera. Dryden Lakes is located in the Finger Lakes, New York USA.

Dryden Lake is a 106-acre glacial lake in the Town of Dryden. A part of the Cayuga Lake Basin, it's popular with birders because it not only offers opportunities to view birds attracted to the water--Canada geese, common loons, mergansers, teal and other pond ducks, scoters, grebes, herons, and osprey--but also because, running along side the lake is a 4.2-mi./6.7-km. linear trail bordered on one side by the lake and on the other by trees, bushes, and perennial vegetation that allows for the close viewing of many sparrows, warblers, vireos, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, dark-eyed juncos, and brown thrashers to name just a few.


For a full description of the lake and what it has to offer, see Dryden Lake in the Lakes Section.








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