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Birding Sites in the Finger Lakes


Gleason Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

Kelly Hill Rd.

Pine City, NY 14871

Coordinates: 42.001073°N 76.595841°W

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A one-room structure used by the Chemung Valley Audubon Society, which owns the Gleason Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.

Habitat: This is a 30-acre preserve with two small ponds, a clubhouse, and an outhouse. The property is owned by the Chemung Valley Audubon Society. At one time, it was said that the property contained 27 trees species, 92 wildflower species, 2 reptile species, 10 amphibian species, 11 mammal species, and 80 The sanctuary property is mostly mixed woods.bird species. However, the property has been allowed to grow wild. This means that the property boundaries are not marked, the trails are not marked and have become hard to follow, the ponds have been filling in, and the outhouse is a bit scary. Still the woods can be peaceful, and birds can be found.


Seasons: Late winter through early summer will be the best times to visit this property for birds and wildflowers. Look for ruffed grouse, turkey, killdeer, owls, mourning doves, woodpeckers, nuthatches, black-capped chickadees, brown creepers, wrens, kinglets, thrushes, vireos, scarlet tanagers, northern cardinals, rose-breasted grosbeaks, indigo bunting, eastern towhees, sparrows, common grackle, brown-headed cowbirds, finches, blue jays, American crows, and other birds, especially warblers of which 12 species have been found, including Wilson's, northern parula, magnolia, prairie, and blackburnian.


The white birch is uncommon in the Finger Lakes, but the Gleason Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary has many lovely specimens. The indians turned them into canoes.Access: The property is in a hollow at 1700 ft./518 m. There is a narrow driveway and a sign on a tree that can only be seen once you turn into the driveway. Don't go any farther along the driveway than the sign as the road narrows just beyond that point. The driveway is just .5 mi./.8 km. from the Pennsylvania state line and is on the north side of the road.


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Note: Just down the road to the east is the Strong & Stasch Wildlife Refuge. This property is posted as a wildlife refuge and is open to the public for birding and nature appreciation. Inquire at 11613 Kelly Hill Rd.


Created 8 October 2010








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