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Baltimore Woods

P.O. Box 133

4007 Bishop Hill Rd.
Marcellus, NY 13108


The John A. Weeks Interpretative Center at Baltimore Woods in Marcellus, New York.


Baltimore Woods Nature Center is located in western Onondaga County in the Town of Marcellus and owned by Central New York Land Trust.


Oudemansiella radicataBaltimore Woods consists of 182 acres of mixed habitat, including a moist, steep valley, a wooded creek, a mature woods, and mowed meadows. It also has a gravel pit, a sand pit, and a small pond.


All nine trails are well marked, but they can be winding, so you need to watch the trail markers to keep on the right trail. Trails are generally hilly but not muddy. There are no interpretative signs.


The most interesting trail is probably the Valley Trail, a cool, moist, steep trail through an area rich in native wildflowers and fungi.


The boardwalk on the Griffiths Trail at Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus, New York.Another interesting trail is the Griffiths Trail, which winds along Baltimore Brook (currently being dammed by beavers) and takes you past a number of native plants that enjoy moist conditions.


There are several gardens, including an arboretum, a wildflower garden, and an herb garden. There is a pavilion with benches used for children's educational programs and a replica of a one-room pioneer cabin.


The John A. Weeks Interpretative Center is a relatively new building. It has some interesting displays (stuffed animals, skulls, and photos by local photographers), a gift shop, and restrooms. There are picnic tables behind the center and just beyond the parking lot.


Two older boys from the day camp program tend a fire to heat paraffin, which will be used for the making of candles. The pioneer cabin is behind them.


The interpretative center is accessible to those in wheelchairs, but the displays in the center tend to be up high and out of view of the wheelchair bound. Because of how things are arranged in the building, it may be difficult for the wheelchair bound to access the restrooms. No accommodations have been made for those with visual impairments.


During the summer months, the center has a day camp for children. In the winter, the center rents snowshoes, but doesn't permit cross-country skiing.


Day camp children coloring a picture of an owl at Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus, New York.


For some reason, wildlife seems to be conspicuous more by its absence than by its presence at Baltimore Woods. An apple tree along the Griffiths Trail had dropped many of its juicy (my personal taste test) fruits. They laid on the ground in a heap rotting rather than being eaten by deer, opossums, chipmunks, squirrels, and other wildlife. During the children's trip to Phillips Pond, their noise and attempts to catch animals in nets caused some wildlife to flee and only to come out again when the children were gone. You may need to look hard and keep your ears wide open.


Four painted turtles sun themselves on a floating log in Phillips Pond at Baltimore Woods Nature Center.


Town and Village of Marcellus

The Steadman House and the Marcellus Historical Society


Updated 11 August 2010








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