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White Lake

Coordinates: 43.00673°N 76.040675°W

Elevation: 540 feet/164.6 meters



White Lake is located off Woodchuck Hill Road in the Town of DeWitt in Onondaga County, southeast of the City of Syracuse.

Physical Features

The entire area in the vicinity of White Lake is underlaid with an enormous and extremely deep layer of limestone. For this reason, the area has many unusual plants and animals specific to this habitat.


Next to the lake is a 1,500-acre limestone quarry--the Jamesville Quarry--which is no longer in operation. Because there is a considerable amount of limestone still in the quarry that contains interesting fossils, the quarry is visited by local students on field trips to learn about the region's geology.


White Lake itself is very small and is surrounded in part by a marshy area.


Local environmentalists recognized the ecological importance of the lake and its surrounding habitat and a previous owner attempted to protect the lake by putting a deed covenant on the it. The land--451 acres, including the lake--was then sold to Scott Congel, who is, with his father Robert, a large land developer. (See Destiny USA) Scott erected some tents on the property. In 2005, when Scott indicated that he wanted to build on the land, the neighbors sued. Scott lost the initial case and the appeal and was forced to remove the tents, at which point he indicated that he would keep the land for recreational purposes.


The lake is completely private and not open to the public.


Created 17 June 2010








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