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Lake Salubria

Coordinates: 42.32952°N 77.29276°W

Elevation: 1087 feet/331.3 meters


Lake Salubria in Bath, New York, USA.


Lake Salubria is located at the intersection of State Route 415 and Lake Salubria Drive on the far eastern edge of the Village of Bath in Steuben County.

Physical Features

The lake is a natural glacial kettle that is spring fed. Its roundish shape encompasses about 54 acres. At its deepest, Lake Salubria is thought to be about 40 ft./12.1 m. but may be much deeper, the bottom having filled in with sediment over then centuries.


Bath was one of the first locations in the Finger Lakes to be settled by Europeans after the Indians were driven out at the end of the American Revolutionary War. The entire region around Bath was settled by Charles Williamson (1792-1801), a Scot who acted as agent for the Pulteney Association, which owned the land. The principal investor in the association was Sir William Pulteney (October 1729- 30 May 1805), a Scot who married Frances Pulteney of Bath, England where they lived.


Williamson loved the area around Bath and established a gentleman's farm just outside the main part of the village. His property included the lake, which he claimed was "salubrious." Hence, the name.

The Lake Salubria Association

Homeowners around the lake have created the Lake Salubria Association to address concerns about the health of the lake. Aquatic vegetation is one of their main concerns. In order to cut down on the growth of the vegetation in the water, the association bought and paid for sterile grass carp that have been introduced into the lake. These carp can grow to 3 ft./1 m. in length. There are no records of them being of danger to swimmers. Anyone using the lake is asked not to disturb the carp.

Light Festival

The lakeside homeowners hold a light festival with flares and bonfires each year on the Sunday before Labor Day (the first Monday in September). The public is invited to participate.


Access is available to the public from an unmarked, short, one-lane drive at the intersection of Lake Salubria Drive and State Route 415 (on the southeast side of the lake). There is no beach and no space for parking other than in the drive, but it is possible to launch canoes, kayaks, and motorboats from this spot.


Boats, including motor boats, are permitted on the lake, however, at this time, there is no dock, and boaters would be expected to slosh through a mucky area to reach open water. It would be extremely difficult to launch a motorboat from this area.


The lake water is untreated. Swimming is permitted, though there is no lifeguard on duty and no beach.


There are no tables available, however, the lake provides a scenic, romantic venue for a picnic on the grass.


The shoulder of State Route 415 is very narrow, and traffic can be heavy at time. Therefore, biking is not recommended. However, biking in the Village of Bath can be enjoyable and allow you the opportunity to appreciate the Village's lovely architecture.


There are no hiking trails around the lake, however, there are trails and a spectacular scenic view at Mossy Bank Park and Nature Center, also in the Town of Bath.


An eagle's-eye view of Lake Salubria in bath, New York as seen from Mossy Bank Park.


The lake attracts an amazing amount of wildlife. As well as all the standard reptiles, amphibians, and mammals associated with lakes in the region, Lake Salubria is well known for attracting interesting birds. Ospreys and bald eagles can usually be seen here as well as mallards, wood ducks, mergansers, Canada geese, red-winged blackbirds, and herons. Trumpeter swans, white pelicans, and snowy egrets have also been cited.


Photography opportunities are good but are limited to the lake and its wildlife. The lake is nearly surrounded by houses, and there is no woods along the lake.


This small wetland at the northwest corner of Lake Salubria provides good habitat for wildlife.

Winter Activities

Lake Salubria freezes over most winters. In the past, ice was cut from the lake and kept in a nearly ice house, and ice boating races were popular. Today, ice skating and hockey are the most popular activities on the lake.

Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

Mount Washington Multiple Use Area

Nearby Places of Interest (a partial list)

Elm Cottage Museum

Steuben County History Center

Magee House

1 Cohocton St.

Bath, NY 14819



Veterans Administration Historical Museum

76 Veterans Ave.

Bath, NY 14810



There is no place to camp along the lake, but there are other campgrounds in the Bath area. Camping is also available in the Mount Washington Multiple Use Area. There are no bed and breakfasts in Bath, but there are other bed and breakfasts in Steuben County.


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