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Loon Lake

Coordinates: 42.49312°N 77.56693°W

Elevation: 1608 feet/490.1 meters


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Loon Lake and the Loon Lake Community in Wayland, New York from one of the surrounding hills.


Loon Lake is located near the intersection of State Route 21 and County Road 92 (also known as Kiefer Corners Orchard Comford Road) in the southern part of the Town of Wayland in the western part of Steuben County.

Physical Features

Loon Lake is an irregularly shaped, 141-acre lake. Despite the fact that the lake is at 1608 ft./490.1 m., the lake is in a valley surrounded by hills. The entire valley along StateIt's Sunday morning, and the doors of Loon Lake Chapel in Wayland, New York are open while the bells call parishioners to worship. Route 21 has an interesting drainage pattern with a creek, wetlands, and ponds, which attract a lot of wildlife, especially birds.


The entire lake is surrounded by houses that make up the Loon Lake Community. The community has a notice board at the intersection of Loon Lake and East Lake roads, which outlines the rules for use of the lake. At the intersection of State Route 21 and Chapel Road is Loon Lake Chapel. The ringing of its bells can be heard across the lake every Sunday morning.


Residents around the lake create a "ring of fire" every Fourth of July and have a boat parade.


Boating, including motorboats, is permitted on the lake, however, there is no public access. Laf-A-Lot--a restaurant that is said to Various watercraft on Loon Lake in Wayland, New York wait on a calm morning from some fun.have the oldest liquor license in the state (100 Laf A Lot Rd., Wayland, NY 14572, 585-728-3722)--has a concrete ramp. It charges a fee to the public for its use. ($20 in 2010)


Swimming is permitted in the lake, but there is no public beach.


Many of the roads in the area are quite scenic and pleasant to ride. State Route 21 is rather steep (south to north), but a ride from north to south ending at Hornell Reservoir #2 could make a nice ride. If you are capable of riding longer distances, you might want to try riding down State Route 21 between Loon Lake and Almond Lake, a distance of about 20 mi./32 km.


Trail section M 10 of the Finger Lakes Trail runs just north of Hornell. There are also many scenic hiking trails in Stony Brook State Park.


A collection of old farm tools hangs from the front of a Loon Lake house.Because there are houses all around the lake, wildlife is limited to those animals that are tolerant of humans. The land just outside the lake area is mostly farmland or forest. Here you can find all kinds of animals, especially birds.


The whole area is scenic. Photo ops abound. If you like waterfalls, try Stony Brook State Park.

Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

Stony Brook State Park

Nearby Places of Interest

Almond Lake and Dam at Kanakadea Park

City of Hornell See also: http://www.hornellny.us/

Hornell Erie Depot Museum

Toy Soldier Museum

New York State Festival of Balloons


A windowbox planting on a small building on East Lake Road near Loon Lake in Wayland, New York.

Accommodations--Bed and Breakfasts

Williams Inn

27 Main St.

Hornell, NY 14843



Kanakadea Park

Stony Brook State Park

Sun Valley Campsites


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