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Coordinates: 42.715°N 76.150°W

Elevation: 1200 feet/365.7 meters


Green Lake (Preble)

The stump of a tree felled by beavers a long time ago sits along the shore of Green Lake in Preble in Cortland County. Mount Toppin (upper left) looks out over the lake and houses on the northwest shore.


Green Lake is located in Dwyer Memorial Park just off State Route 281 in the town of Preble.

Physical Features

This particular Green Lake (There are many in the Finger Lakes.) is teardrop shaped. Just north of Upper Little York Lake and connected to it by a short stream, it is one of a number of glacial kettles in the Tioughniouga River Valley.


The lake is tiny by most standards, only 20 acres, and rather shallow, 20 ft./6 m. at its deepest point. Consequently, it's a warm water lake whose depth depends greatly on the amount of rain and snow during the year.


The lake contains a variety of introduced fish and acts like a large vernal pool, appealing to many of the native reptiles and amphibians. Local wildlife use it regularly, but during migration, its small size means that it doesn't appeal to large flocks of geese, swans, and ducks, though you should be able to see some Canada geese, mallards, and gulls around the lake whenever the water isn't frozen.


Because part of the lakeshore is in Dwyer Memorial Park, there is good and easy access to the lake, though there are houses around the northwest part of the lake, so it is not a secluded lake.


The road that runs through the park runs right next to the lakeshore, and parking is nearby for easy portage of a canoe or kayak. There is no ramp for offloading motorboats, but a motorized rowboat may work in the shallow water.


Because of the lake's irregular shape, a trip around the lake can be fun, interesting, and educational without being exhausting. You could combine this with a visit to Upper Little York Lake (though you would need to travel the short distance between Green Lake and the launch site at Upper Little York by vehicle) and Goodale Lake.


For more information about Dwyer Memorial Park and what to doing and where to stay near the park, see Upper Little York Lake.


Created 10 March 2010








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