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Duck Lake

Coordinates: 43.147°N 76.690°W

Elevation: 396 feet/120.7 meters


Waterlilies on Duck Lake in the Finger Lakes, New York USA.

Duck Lake is approximately 1.5 mi./2.4 km. long and .62 mi./1 km. wide with a maximum depth of 20 ft./6 m. A glacial lake formed in a depression between drumlins (glacial deposits), it covers 213 acres in the Town of Conquest in Cayuga County. The lake is thought to be spring fed rather than to have any specific tributaries.


Duck Lake drains from both the north and south ends where there are muck wetlands. The east and west shorelines, however, consist of sand and small, round gravel.

Pebbles can be seen through the clean and clear water of Duck Lake in the Finger Lakes, New York USA.

Although most of the immediate shoreline is privately owned, the northern, eastern, and southern sides of the lake are forested with ash, elm, red maple, and other deciduous broadleaf trees.


The lake's water tends to be alkaline and supports a variety of fish. Introduced aquatic vegetation is a problem for Duck Lake as it is with all the lakes in the region. The region around the lake is mostly farmland and is home to all the wildlife typically found in the Finger Lakes.


Swimming, motorboating, canoeing, and kayaking are all popular activities on the lake. Cottages tend to congregate on only the east and west shores, making the shoreline a nice place to investigate with a canoe or kayak, though walking in the muck of the wetlands is probably not a safe thing to do. Birding during spring and fall migration can be profitable, however, waterfowl tend not to breed on the lake. (Those who don't like large flocks of Canada geese pooping on the shore will find that a good thing.) Biking is possible on the rural roads around the lake, but there are no hiking trails. The lake is, however, close to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (a great spot for birding) and the Erie Canalway Trail (hiking and biking).


There are no public access points to the lake, however, parking, a boat launch site, non-motorized boats, and cabin are all available at Duck Lake Campgrounds for a fee. The campgrounds are open from May 15 through October 15. If you want to rent one or both of the two Funyaks, you should reserve them in advance.

Duck Lake Campgrounds

Duck Lake Rd.

Red Creek, NY 13143



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