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Almond Lake

Coordinates: 42.34618°N 76.70694°W

Elevation: 1255 feet/382.5 meters


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Almond Lake near in Kanakadea Park near Hornell, New York.


Almond Lake is located near the very western edge of Steuben County and west of the City of Hornell between State Route 21 and County Route 66.


The lake is open to the public (with certain limitations) and can be accessed from Kanakadea Park, the entrance to which is on County Route 66. This county park regulates all the activities of the park and access to the lake.

Physical Features

Technically, the lake is a reservoir constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1930s to prevent the Canacadea Creek from flooding Hornell. The top of the earthfill dam forming the lake is 90 ft./ above the streambed. The lake formed by the dam is roughly 125 acres.


An observation platform looks out over Almond Lake and the earthfill dam.


Non-motorized boating is permitted on the lake. There is a concrete ramp as well as a separate gravel launch site, but there is no dock.


A kayaker paddles toward shore with the earthfill dam behind him at Almond Lake near Hornell, New York.


Technically, swimming is not permitted as there is no lifeguard on duty, neither is there a beach. However, sunbathing is permitted on the grass by the lake.


The Finger Lakes Trail crosses County Route 66 in several places near the park and there is a path at the very western end of the park that allows you to access the trail directly from the park. You will need maps M9 and M10 for this section. (If you print out the map of the park from the park's Web site, you will see the access point listed next to campsite 50.)


Both State Route 21 and County Route 66 are good for biking. (Route 21 is rather steep going north of Hornell.) Helmets are recommended.


Camping is permitted in the park at designated spaces. Because this is a county park, it provides a variety of amenities, such as flush toilets, hot showers, electricity, picnic tables, pavilions, playgrounds, and play areas. However, there are no water or sewer hook-ups. Pets must be leashed.


At KanaKadea Park near Hornell, New York, the day-use sites are along the shore of Almond Lake with the campgrounds farther back, but all are within view of the lake.

Wildlife Watching

The park is fairly open with a good deal of mowed grass, so wildlife-watching opportunities are limited. Bald eagles sometimes check out the reservoir for fish.


The Canacadea State Forest is directly across State Route 21 from the park and should provide good wildlife watching. It also has a multi-use trail for hiking and biking.

Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

Canacadea State Forest

Nearby Places of Interest

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27 Main St.

Hornell, NY 14843



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