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Famous People of the Finger Lakes

Samuel Eichinger Cobean (1913-1951)

Sam Cobean is best known for his popular humorous cartoons in The New Yorker. Although not born in the Finger Lakes or even in New York State, Cobean spent much of his adult life in Watkins Glen on Old Corning Road where he penned many of his cartoons. He became a big racing fan, owned a flashy red Jaguar, and was a close friend of Cameron Argetsinger.


On a summer's day in 1951, Cobean drove into Watkins Glen in his Jaguar to mail some cartoons to The New Yorker. There he met his friend Cameron Argetsinger. Because Argetsinger was having car trouble, Cobean offered him a ride home. On the way to Argetsinger's, Cobean swerved to avoid another car. Cobean lost control of the Jaguar, which hit a tree. Argetsinger survived the crash, but Cobean was killed instantly.


For an extensive biography of Sam Cobean, a photo of Sam and his Jaguar, and a look at many of his cartoons, visit www.samcobean.com








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