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Linda Hull Larned

Linda Hull Larned (1853-1939) was a resident of the Syracuse area. She served as president of the National Household Economics Association and authored eight known books--The Story Of A Hunchback (1885), The Little Epicure (1894), The Hostess Of To-day (1899), The New Hostess Of To-day (1913/20), One Hundred Salads (1914), One Hundred Cold Desserts (1914), One Hundred Picnic Suggestions (1915), and One Hundred Luncheon Dishes (1915)--which are now considered collectibles.


Larned's cookbooks provide us with a window into what Americans ate and how they cooked more than a hundred years ago. Most of the cookbooks are small, but The New Hostess of To-day has 1975 recipes.


Cranberry Pie

Nut Loaf








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