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Renting/Hiring a Car in the Finger Lakes

Abandoned car in a field in the Finger Lakes, New York


It's difficult to rent a vehicle in the Finger Lakes, not because there are none (There are lots.) or because there are no rental agencies (There are lots.), but because there is such a demand for rental vehicles that unless you place a reservation, you may find yourself without one. So, Rule #1: To get the vehicle you want and have it waiting for you, make a reservation.


One rental agent suggested that you make your car reservation at the time you make your plane reservation. Some airlines have special "fly & drive" fares or car rental companies with whom they work that can give you a reduced rate on a car. In addition, renting by the week can sometimes be cheaper that renting by the day. Also, ask if there are discounts for members of any clubs you may belong to like AAA and AARP or for those who charge on a particular charge card.


If you are between the ages of 18 and 24, you can rent a vehicle in the Finger Lakes but will probably have to pay a surcharge. Be careful, some rental agencies now have an upper-age limit. No matter what your age, make sure you know if your own car insurance will cover a rental vehicle and to what extent. (Some credit cards will also provide insurance on rental vehicles.)


If, by some chance, your own vehicle needs repair while in the Finger Lakes and you need to rent a vehicle, besides the major rental agencies, you might be able to rent a vehicle from a car dealer. If you should find yourself in such a situation, the best place to find a rental car is by looking in a local telephone directory. Start with the yellow pages under Automobile Renting.

What You Need to Rent a Vehicle

There are only two things you need:

1. A valid driver license

(For information about obtaining a New York State driver license or using an international driving permit, see the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles.)

2. A major credit card

Major Rental Agencies in the Finger Lakes

ALAMO 877-603-0615
AVIS 800-831-2847
BUDGET 800-527-0700
ENTERPRISE 800-7368222
HERTZ 800-654-3131
NATIONAL 888-868-6207

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