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Creation Story

Like a lot of people who wanted to have fun in the Finger Lakes, I started by surfing the Web. Where could I go? What could I do? Where could I stay? I found that information about the Finger Lakes was scattered all over the Web: a brief mention of something interesting in a blog; an outdated list of antique dealers; a Web site about a festival with no links telling what else could be done in that area; or perhaps, no information at all. There seemed to be a real need for bringing all the information together and creating information when it was lacking.


Creating a Web site about the Finger Lakes is not easy. I had to decide first what the Finger Lakes meant to me. Then I had to decide how I wanted others to view the Finger Lakes--how did I want it represented on the Web for people not only in New York but in Texas, France, India, and beyond. I found that I had tons of information but that it was disorganized. I needed to put it into logical categories that people would understand. I hired a Web designer, Sue Reynolds Scott, who had lots of experience creating tourism Web sites and is the designer/owner of the Cortland Connection. She helped me turn my vision into an actual Web site. It took months of work. I think it was a real relief for both of us when the Web site was finally launched. Then it was my job to post all the information I had gathered, drive around the Finger Lakes taking photos to post on the pages, talk to people to find out what other information they wanted on the Web site that I hadn't posted. One person asked me for information about horseback riding. I began to search for information on horseback riding and was surprised to find how little information there is out there on places to go horseback riding in the Finger Lakes. It took a lot more work than I expected to contact people about possible horseback riding sites, verify information, and write it all up on its own Web page.


I have a background in writing (see bio) and have written for lots of newspapers and magazines (see a partial list of published works), so I like writing and gathering information. You also like to work with computers and to be able to organize information logically. And I like to travel throughout the Finger Lakes, meeting interesting people. That's the best part.


Ronda Roaring, Publisher